5 Benefits of On-Site Security Guards vs Mobile Patrols

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Our officers are usually the first to respond to security breaches such as vandalism, theft and any other criminal activity. Blackwater Public Safety takes pride in our highly trained officers that will contact law enforcement or emergency medical services if the situation calls for such action. Through random or scheduled mobile patrols; our dedicated mobile guards provide a highly visible presence, that serves as a deterrent to criminal activity. We can conduct regular patrols at all times of the day or night to ensure your business or residence is completely safe and secure.
Our 132,000 highly trained professionals go above and beyond to provide a wide range of industry-leading security solutions. Our professional security guards will patrol around your business in high-profile security cars and look for any suspicious activity, signs of breaking and entering, etc. And if there is Security Services newcastle or any unusual occurrences, we will contact the authorities for you, and remain on site until they arrive.
Our team can lock and secure your property including your swimming pools, common areas, offices and gate entrances at specifically designated times of day. They can also unlock those assets when you need them open for customers, employees and visitors to your property. If you answered yes to these questions, contact Off Duty Officers to learn more about our mobile patrol units.
During patrols, security guards complete patrol logs detailing their observations and any incidents that occur during their service. All of our patrol vehicles are equipped with security decals and vibrant emergency lighting systems to identify it as a security patrol & response unit. Security guards on mobile security patrols drive the patrol vehicles with care and proper driving technique.